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Beyond Boundaries 2018 - Newham

View from our terrace. JT playing with sun.

Hanging around with Dalai Lama disciples.

Local excursion. 

Indian cooking lesson. Learning to make masala chai and chapati.

Community walk. An eye opener.

Our first authentic Indian meal at our apartment.

Going to our home. Loading our luggage on the van.

Landed safely at our final destination. Small airport at the foothills of Himalayas.

Ariel view of Himalayas.

On our way to domestic airport.

All set to go to our final destination.

Bye bye Delhi

On our way to our accommodation.

Landed safely 

Ready to take off. 

Checked our luggage and ready to go through security.

We are at Heathrow.

We are on our way to Heathrow.

EThis blog tracks the journey of eight amazing young people from the London Borough of Newham who have joined Basti Ram on the adventure of a lifetime to India.   

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