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Cultural exchange projects between the UK and India.

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Project Impact

Stephen Gray

CEO, Young Lives Foundation

As a charity, we have been overwhelmed and humbled by the unique experiences that working with Basti Ram afforded the young people we supported to visit India in August 2015.  Our Children in Care Council Care Leavers Group  (Medway) learnt more in 2 weeks than would have been possible in a full 2-year programme.  They learnt about themselves as individuals, as a group, as global citizens and just how life-changing experience with others can be.  The experience pushed them, encouraged personal challenges and allowed them to achieve, in a safe and structured environment, delivering long-term outcomes for life.  


I can say with some certainty that this experience was the highlight of my career and on numerous levels.  I saw young people and colleagues I have known for several years grow, learn and develop in the fortnight we were with Basti Ram in India, and have seen the impact on their lives since we have returned.

Jo Feeney

Service Manager, Looked After Life Chances, Barking and Dagneham

As Group Manager for Looked After Life Chances, I commissioned this expedition for our most vulnerable young people full of hope and anticipation.

I hoped that pushing over 20 young people in 3 expeditions beyond their physical and psychological boundaries would give them insight into their strength within and to feel connected to a world none had experienced before.

I was not disappointed, I am immensely proud of the work I do with Basti Ram and the world of possibilities it presents to young people from both the UK and India. Beyond Boundaries lives up to be beyond expectations.

We commissioned Basti Ram, to take our most challenging and vulnerable young people. We hope to change life to change expedition. Over our three trips 20, young people travelled, beyond their physical boundary . We also witness self-esteem , maturity, confidence and believe that they can make a difference this world. 

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Bastiram Festival of Colours

In 2015 Basti Ram delivered the Festival of Colour Project in the London Borough of Redbridge.   This project was our first, set entirely in the UK.  In this project, the Basti Ram Team worked with 15 young people from Redbridge to deliver a 'Festival of Colour' on Saturday 21st March 2015 in Valentines Park, Ilford.  The festival celebrated the diversity of Redbridge with musical performances from around the world, market stalls with a variety of handicraft and cuisine from around the world, the event culminated with the throwing of coloured powder.


We would like to thank all our sponsors and young participants who made this event possible.


Your contribution was extraordinary....

Evaluating the Impact of our Beyond Boundaries Project

A Global Perspective - Report on Basti Ram’s 2014 Beyond Boundaries Project

July 30, 2014

Over the course of 2014, Basti Ram Charity, in partnership with the London Borough of Hackney, delivered the Beyond Boundaries youth development program. The program recruited youth in foster care for an international volunteering experience in the Northwest region of India. Basti Ram com- missioned an independent research report as a way of evaluating the strengths and limitations of the Beyond Boundaries initiative. 

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